Thanatos vol. 4 2/2015: Images of Afterlife

THEME ISSUE: Images of Afterlife

How has afterlife – the life and existence of souls and minds (or bodies) after death – been imagined in different historical, social, political and cultural contexts and how is it imagined today? What would human life look like if it were not about images of this world and the otherworld? Could such a life sustain people, their societies and cultures in an appropriate way? These are questions, which preoccupy the contributors to this special issue. The goal of this volume is to gather a large scale of discussions to highlight how the questions may be taken seriously. Also, the aim is to show how the questions are meaningful for the scholars working in these areas or for those who are interested in the study of death more generally.

The papers of this volume originate from the conference “Images of Afterlife”, organized by the research project Mind and the Other which is funded by the Academy of Finland’s Research Program Human Mind, 266573. The conference was held on 22–24 October, 2014 at the University of Turku.



Marja-Liisa Honkasalo, Kaarina Koski and Kirsi Kanerva
Images of Afterlife,p. 5


VA_kuvioChristoph Jedan
The Consolatory Function of Conceptions of the Afterlife: Perspectives from the History of Ideas, p. 12

VA_kuvioMarja Ahola
Tracing Neolithic Funerary Practices from Finnish Ochre Graves – a Case Study from Kukkarkoski Comb Ware Burial Ground, p. 23

VA_kuvioAnnika Jonsson and Lars Aronsson
Afterlife Imagery in Sweden: The Role of Continuing Bonds, p. 41

Research reports

VA_kuvioLucy Bregman
The Eclipse of “Natural Immortality”, p. 57

VA_kuvioTiina Väre, Milton Núñez, Jaakko Niinimäki, Juho-Antti Junno, Sirpa Niinimäki, Rosa Vilkama and Markku Niskanen
Fame after Death: The Unusual Story of a Finnish Mummy and Difficulties Involving its Study, p. 69

VA_kuvioMilton Núñez
Remedies against Revenance: Two Cases from Old Hailuoto (Karlö), North Ostrobothnia, Finland, p. 78

Lectio Praecursoria

Riikka Miettinen
On Suicides Today and in Seventeenth-Century Sweden and Finland, p. 94


Symposium: Idealized Deaths; Surukonferenssi 2016: Surun monenlaiset muodot; Call for Papers: Wild or Domesticated – Uncanny in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives to Mind; Finnish Death Studies Association Celebrates its Anniversary in 2016, p. 98


Erratum to Thanatos vol. 4 2/2015: Fame after Death: The Unusual Story of a Finnish Mummy and Difficulties Involving its Study.


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